Marina Clinic Reflection

Some people say I look 2 years older than may age. At first, I was, well, devastated, I mean, duh. Anyways, I just realized that I don’t care about how I look anymore, I’ve met wonderful people because of my profession and I don’t care if it makes me look too old to be so interested in things I do that I forget to sleep.

I am very privileged to be able to be given the opportunity to meet wonderful people who, like me, want to change lives of the people in their community. I am so lucky that despite the fact that I can’t afford to donate money (like rich people do) I can still help and make a difference without spending a penny… well the fare maybe but that’s much much much lesser, you know.

Today in my assignment for Silliman on Air, my laboratory of my broadcasting communication class, I met a Dr. Amor from Marina clinic, a part of the extension program of my school where the clinic helps the people in the community not only recover from sickness but helps them be well in every aspect of their life. Like for example, the clinic also help their patients in their livelihood, in their family problems. It feels so good that in a world where people only think of their selves there are still a few who choose to help the community for free.

Life maybe sometimes cruel to all of us, to our country but people like Dr. Amor, volunteers at that clinic keeps my dream of a better world alive.

Note: I’m not good at feature articles ok? :P


kikilabotz said...

wahhh crush n kita.....ahahaha.

naku naku kapag maxado mo iniisip na nagmumuka k ng maanda lalo kang magmumukang mtnda..

masarap talga makatulong sa kapwa right?

Si Chong said...

smile :)

helping and volunteering always feels good in the end gyud pre...